From Hi There to Pepsi, What a Wild Ride.

From Hi There to Pepsi, What a Wild Ride

Since my time starting in PR Publications I can note a number of feats and losses. I am proud to say though, that I believe my feats far outweigh the losses. To recap, I began this course with an as novice as it comes understanding of Adobe Suite as well as design principles – I could tell you whether or not something was good, but there was no way I could explain to you how to make something good. Now, I can confidently say that I am more than just a novice.

Throughout this course I have been encouraged to try things that I hadn’t in the past. I am thankful for the opportunity to find theoretical work for clients that I am passionate about and for the work for clients I couldn’t possibly care less about. I am excited to showcase to you the projects that have meant the most to me and that I am most proud of, as well as the ones that looking back, were definitely completed at 11:52 pm the Thursday they were due at midnight. Please enjoy this trip down the memory lane of PR Publications for the Spring 2017 Semester:

Client I Most Enjoyed Working For: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

From business cards to fake memos, the Academy is where my true passion lied this semester.

Client I Least Enjoyed Working For: Pepsi

Perhaps it was because I chose them on a whim, or because it was towards the end of the semester, either way, Pepsi just didn’t resonate with me the way that I would have hoped.

Product I Am Most Proud Of: The Letterhead

Taking on the perspective of Dawn Hudson throughout this particular project was quite fun. I attempted to take a stab at something that I thought she maybe could have written or at least a topic she would have addressed, and kind of just went with it. This design was simple, clean and did the job it needed to for the client, though the content is my favorite aspect, it was the design that I believe defined the final product.

The Assignment That Could Use the Most Work: The Original Business Card

Trust me when I say this, that business card was trash. A photo of me on it? Absolutely not necessary. The color scheme? Possibly the worst thing I’ve turned in for a grade in quite some time. Looking back I believe I misunderstood the assignment and attempted to make a simple business card for myself for general purposes, but for anyone reading this, please refer to the updated version of the card located in the post titled “Gosh Bless the Academy.”

Blog Post I Am Most Proud Of: Research

From the Golden Globes to the Screen Actor’s Guild we are on the race to the Academy Awards, and hold onto your socks, we’re in for a wild ride.”

Not only was I able to combine my passion for film & television with an academic course, I was able to find ways to include my (not very effective) humor into a piece of work. I spoke trending topics in regards to Awards season, and it all played a role in my success in the assignments succeeding it.

Thank you, PR Publications, for changing my outlook on design as well as feeding a passion that I now have for creativity in the professional workplace. You will indeed be missed.


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