Summary of Learning

Throughout the PR Publications curriculum we have had the opportunity to learn design techniques to complete projects that will couple with the overall Public Relations curriculum.

After learning the basics and completing novice activities to better understand design, we quickly jumped right in and began learning how to use Adobe Suite.

The format of the course at first seemed like high-paced low-stakes learning. However I soon realized that it was neither of those. By completing projects that I actually really enjoyed, I was able to find a desire to complete them in advanced of their due dates, plus I found value in each project regardless of the amount of points associated.

I enjoyed journaling/blogging each week because I was able to couple the design portion of the course with basic and oftentimes comical writing. It also kept me accountable for my own progress. Reflecting on each blog post last week offered me a lot of perspective as to how much I have developed since starting this course.

Although my blog posts weren’t viewed by large amounts of the “public” each week, it was really cool having my peers and classmates provide feedback to me throughout the course.

The final project – summary of learning, was definitely one of the ones that I felt most proud of. After re-watching my screen cast and understanding exactly how I created the direct mailer, I was able to realize just how much I had grown. Utilizing both InDesign and Illustrator was definitely a testament to that growth.

Overall, I am incredibly thankful for the knowledge and skill set I have gained throughout PR Publications and I would highly recommend students, even outside of PR and outside of Gaylord, try and gain the design practice with these programs.

Check out the link below to see how I was able to create a direct mailer for PR Publications using InDesign!


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