What’s to Come?

To be completely honest I think I have 3-4 different websites with my name attached to them after various projects throughout college. In the past I have quickly worked to create them before a deadline then soon after forgotten about their existence. This blog, the same that I used to compile my study abroad experience, actually means something to me. Though I am still completely unsure as to how I will utilize its potential in gaining success down the road, that is a challenge I am looking forward to.

I very much so need to work on building the site more – I believe that I am still just as confused about pages and domains and sub outlets of a domain than I ever have been, but I am confident of my ability to fill all of those things with impressive work after completing this course. I foresee myself figuring out how to create the “About Me” “My Work,” and “Contact Me,” pages in order to fulfill my vision. I would like to use this page as a digital representation of who I am and what I would like to do, and hopefully, in the long run, this page will help me to bring those goals to fruition.


Reflection 5.1 – Pepsi Isn’t All That Bad

For this week’s assignments in PR Publications we were challenged to further develop our Fortune 500 Company’s newsletter and prepare it for publishing. Like I said last week, I chose Pepsi because at the time it had gained top-of-mind recognition for me.

When searching for news to include in the product I found that Pepsi, outside of the recent Jenner fiasco, is doing incredibly well with its community relations and internal development. They have a number of great projects in the works including a piece on current “Hidden Figures” that couples incredibly well with the recent feature film.

When it came to the design of the newsletter, I struggled most with spacing. I wanted to ensure that I had a sufficient balance between content and media and I am still unsure as to whether or not I adequately accomplished that. I saw other setbacks when it came to wanting to fit an appropriate amount of content onto the page but not overwhelm the reader. Color wise I stuck to Pepsi’s palette of blue, red and white and was sure to incorporate those in as many aspects as possible. Overall, I recognize that this newsletter may not be my greatest accomplishment as I am rather concerned with the spacing, however, I do believe that I was able to offset those issues with two interesting stories, photos and the overall final product.

In regards to InDesign I am becoming more confident in my ability to use the software and am looking forward to larger multi-page documents and products. Please see the final newsletter below.


Pepsi Newsletter

PR Writing Advocacy and Beyond

Throughout the last few weeks of PR Writing we have been offered assignments that have helped to further our chosen client’s goals. They have included things such as email and story pitches, logo creation, videography and most recently, speeches and slide presentations.

Within the last few weeks alone I have stopped to be thankful for the fact that I chose a client that I am passionate about because it makes dedicating time to these projects far easier than if I felt nothing towards the Henderson Scholars Program. When given these assignments I have begun to notice that with each one I follow a similar process. First I reflect on the work completed thus far in order to ensure that I remain consistent in the branding and wording of each project. Next I’ll assess my overall goals for HSP followed by specific goals for the task at hand.

My favorite project in the most recent sections would have to be the speech and slideshow presentation. The speech allowed for me to step into the shoes of the program’s director, Angie Wright, and develop a final product that I am actually rather proud of. I was able to think about all of the things that attracted me to the program and that have attracted donors in the past and highlight those things both in the speech and the presentation. Resources such as Canva and InDesign have all proven very helpful for these sorts of projects.

I am proud of the work that I have already done and the revisions yet to come, and I am very excited to continue work for the Henderson Scholars Program.

Reflection 5.1 – Did You See That Pepsi Commercial?

When asked to choose a Fortune 500 company to design for this week the only brand I could think of at the time was PepsiCo. Although it had gained my top of mind recognition because of the recent backlash towards it’s Kendall Jenner commercial, truthfully I do prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola and similar brands.

This week we were tasked with designing a newsletter template/base design for our chosen Fortune 500 company. In doing so I reviewed many of the templates provided and wanted to ensure that I chose one I felt comfortable with, thus the three-column layout. I wanted to also be sure to include brand consistency with the colors and logo. I chose text formats that would provide for much content as well as opportunities to include photos when necessary.

I thought that including the client logo would be a unique way to ensure that brand consistency. Overall I am pleased with my work, as I am becoming more comfortable with InDesign. Please take note below of my recent design for PepsiCo.

Pepsi Newsletter

Reflection 3.3 – The Legacies Are Coming

This week in PR Publications we were tasked with editing our direct mailers for publishing. The assignment was very focused on design as we were simply adding final touches to concepts that we had created in weeks’ past.

To recap:

For my two stakeholders I chose:

  1. Prospective students with a family member who is attending or has graduated from the University of Oklahoma.
  2. Parents who are alumni of the University of Oklahoma with children who are prospective students.

I was very pleased with the concepts that I used for these stakeholders and those aspects of the assignment didn’t change in editing.

Moving forward, after evaluation from Professor Croom, as well as self-reflection, made changes to the design. Mainly I shifted text boxes and added gradient layers in order to darken the photo to better bring out the text. I’m somewhat concerned that the added layer may have missed the mark somewhat, however, I am very pleased with the final product. After the updates to the design I was pleased to notice that the original creative vision had actually improved. Please note final versions attached below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Post Assignment Reflection:

I am somewhat disappointed in my overall ability to use photoshop, I must say it is my least favorite of my Adobe toolkit. Though I was able to get a handle on the basics, I am a little nervous moving forward into more detailed assignments on this program. However, I am not too concerned as I believe I will eventually get the hang of it. Design wise I think my abilities are moving closer to matching my “eye for design,” nowhere near adequate, but closer.

Henderson Scholars – Who We Are & Where We Come From

In the recent weeks in Public Relations Writing at the University of Oklahoma we have been tasked with a number of assignments targeted at researching the history and purpose of our selected clients. We have utilized numerous resources including Google Trends, LexusNexus, SWOT Analysis, and much more.

In the time since we began this section of the course, I have learned very much about the Henderson Scholars Program and grown a deeper appreciation for the work that they do and the purpose it fulfills. One of the key things that I have accomplished since starting this section is creating a sort of “blurb” about the program that I have utilized in nearly every assignment. It is a general background, one-liner, describing the purpose of the program:

“The Henderson Scholars Program was developed in order to honor the life and legacy of Dr. George Henderson at the University of Oklahoma.”

I was very intrigued when during the 4th assignment of this section I realized that I had used the above statement word-for-word in each preceding assignment. I was very excited to have taken note of a trend in my completion of each assignment, it was comforting to know that I have already begun to establish some brand consistency when it comes to completion of the assignments for HSP.

Below I have attached two samples of works that I have produced for the program thus far.


Infographic 2Infographic Final

Reflection 3.2 – Let’s Get the Legacies

This week was essentially a continuation of the work that we were tasked with during week 7. On behalf of the University of Oklahoma’s Office of Admissions & Recruitment we needed to define a stakeholder to target with a direct mailer. In week’s previous we were given the same task, that made this week somewhat trickier – define a stakeholder that couples well with our first.

In last week’s assignment I wanted to target prospective students with an immediate family member who had attended or is attending OU. The second stakeholder that I chose to target was the parents/guardians who are alumni with children who are prospective students to OU. I wanted to reenforce the original message of sharing a legacy and bond surpassing just DNA.

In regards to the design, I was lucky enough to have been able to find photos of two of my friends and their family members to use as the bases, with their permission of course. I wanted to utilize first hand quotes that explained the message on the back, but a very general call to action on the front that is rather self-explanatory. I utilized the same front photo for each of the direct mailers to create a sense of consistency as if the mailers were apart of some sort of larger marketing campaign.

In all I was very pleased by my performance during this section, I believe I was able to produce a sound final product. Looking back, I believe my background knowledge of the client allowed for me to feel a certain level of investment towards the project which in turn allowed for me to produce something I was rather proud of.

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